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about Concolor

Welcome to The Tokyo Diver's Paradise !
Concolor will offer you the fantastic and unforgettable diving experience at Hachijyo island where you can reach by 45 minute flight from Haneda Airport.
Take 7:30AM ANA flight 821 . Picked up at the airport and 10 minute drive down to the shop.
And drive another 10 minute to the nearest diving site. Splash! Isn't it perfect?

******Concolor's diving style ******

Many fishes can be seen in Hachijo island

* We have many specialities, with rare fish, shrimps, crabs and sea slugs found on our dives!!
* Also, we can help you to take splendid underwater photographs.

Concolor is named as "Sharing same color and same pleasure"
Hope the colleagues those who love above concept can knock at our doors!

* Just relaxed and meet your way.
* Slow & safe is the motto, holding 6 people max per group.

We can see pigmy sea horse. * Enriched Air Nitrox is Concolor's standard.
* Beginners and discovery diving are mostly welcome.

******Bali taste club house ******


Time for a glass of beer from the tap!!

Look at the Bali resort gorgeous cottage, stood on the top of the hill. The spectacular Hachijyo Ocean view is there!

beautiful garden

Just sit and relax in the ocean breeze in the terrace after wonderful dives.

******Providing Nitrox air ******


According to the wikipedia, the Nitrox air is well explained as follows;
"The most common use of the Nitrox mixtures contained averagely 32% of the oxygen which is higher than 21% of nomal air.

It will work wonderfuly for reducing nitrogen uptake in the body's tissues. What's more, it will extend the possible diving time, and/or reducing the risk of the decompression sickness. "

We provide the enriched Nitrox air for our guests as a standard equippment for the safety diving. Of course no additional charge for the Nitrox.
Conclor is the only licenced manufacturer and the distributor in the island.

******Facilities ******


4 shower rooms with the central heated water supply.


Spacious washing area and drying area for diving gears are facilitated.


Why don't you stop by our Oxygen bar. Evacuating the nitrogen from your body is the key for tomorrow. We have equipped the professional use machine which can supply 93% density Oxygen for you. 300yen for 10 minutes.
There are lots of repeaters for this machine because it works clearly for the multiple divings, recovering from fatigue and the hangover.

******Member's Club ******

members card
Join the membership and earn 5% club point by cash payment.
Enrollment fee is 500 yen and you can get the concierge service during your stay and flight booking arrangement etc.

****** Staff ******

Kotaro Tanaka

right/ Our shop was named after this shrimp of which scientific name is Cinetorhynchus concolor .

Kotaro Tanaka (The owner, Instructor, & Chief guide)

15 year experience in Hachijyo since I was with college.
Fascinated by "Hachijyo Grand Blue", and he started Concolor in 2002.
Kotaro is IANTD & PADI instructor & chief guide, and also professional underwater photography.
He found and introduced some undescrived spices to the academy.

Cinetorhynchus concolor

Far right/ You can find lots of his photographs for some picture books such as these two books.

Yasuhiro Hayaume

Yasuhiro (Ume-chan) Hayaume

31 year old energetic & wonderful guy.
Ume-chan got PADI dive master licence in 2013 and is going to assist Kotaro in 20th April 2015.
He is going to get an instructor licence, and he wishes to run his own shop in Hachiyo island five years later.